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About Us

The Guidance Center of Lea County, Inc. (GCLC) was first established in 1971 as a Crisis Line in a small house on Dal Paso Street, near Permian Ford, in Hobbs. The mission was to provide emergency crisis intervention services to the citizens of Lea County, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. GCLC is a non-profit community mental health center now providing a wide array of services to clients throughout Lea County and Southeastern New Mexico. The Guidance Center has been present and providing mental health services for more than four decades. The Guidance Center serves over 1000 clients a month, ongoing, and responds to approximately 66 crisis interventions per month.

As the sole provider of a comprehensive array of family-centered services, GCLC is committed to the enhancement and expansion of its continuum of care. This continuum is created by providing services supported by the Division of Mental Health, the Behavioral Health Services Division of Substance Abuse, and the Children, Youth and Families Department, and is augmented by services funded by local sources.

Sliding Scale Fee

The Guidance Center of Lea County, Inc. provides services to individuals on a sliding scale fee.  Persons of low income, who do not have the ability to pay for services, will be seen and services provided at a free or reduced rate.  Income Verification is required to determine costs associated with services.  Services are provided regardless of race, sex, creed, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or inability to pay related costs.

El Centro de Consejeria de el Condado Lea prover servicios en una traifa de escala mobil.  Personas de bajos recursos, quienes no tienen la abilidad de pagar por servicios recibiran servicios por gratis o precious reducidos.  Verificasion de ingresos es requirida para determiner los costos asociados con los servicios.  Servicios son proveidos sin embargo de raza, sexo, credo, religion, nacionalidad, orientatacion sexual o in abilidad de pagar los costos.

Mission and Vision Statement

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The Guidance Center of Lea County is committed to using the trauma informed care as a guide for creating a safe and non-violent environment where healing can occur.

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The Guidance Center of Lea County, Inc. is committed to the Sanctuary Model of Trauma Informed Care for its staff and clientele. We believe that increasing awareness, emphasizing safety, and teaching skills to our employees that they can utilize to manage their feelings, are crucial steps in creating an environment conducive of processing change, feelings, past trauma, grief and loss.

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Housing Program

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Creating Housing Opportunities for People with Special Needs in Our Community

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