Guidance Center of Lea County, Inc.
Mission and Vision Statement

The Guidance Center of Lea County is committed to using the trauma informed care as a guide for creating a safe and non-violent environment where healing can occur. Sanctuary teaches an understanding of trauma and how it affects individuals and organizations. According to trauma informed care, it is the responsibility of caretakers to change their perspective on traumatized children and adults and to view them as hurt, rather than ill. Instead of asking, “what is wrong with” we ask, “what happened to you?” This fundamental change in perspective is the foundation of trauma informed care.

We communicate about change using four concepts that guide the way we work and speak with each other, and the way families heal and make progress in their lives. This language is called the S.E.L.F. language and each letter represents an important part of how we view trauma and change both in our organization and in our lives.

Refers to physical, emotional, social and moral safety; Safety is the foundation of healing and growth.

Focuses on how we learn to manage or cope with strong emotions related to our experiences. We know that feelings drive behaviors and if we cannot effectively manage our feelings, we will act them out in ways that are unproductive and self-defeating.

Refers to the physical loss of a person, an emotional loss such as a divorce or loss of hope or trust. We must recognize that all change involves loss and we cannot move to a brighter future if we do not acknowledge and deal with loss.

Focuses on developing the belief and hope that things can change and get better because we control our destiny and can create positive growth and change.