Guidance Center of Lea County – Autism Clinic

GCLC Autism Clinic provides evidence-based Applied Behavior Analysis services to children from 12 months up to school age that have been diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 

Our dedicated staff’s goal it for your child to achieve their hopes and dreams. We provide screenings to determine eligibility for autism evaluations, referrals, and scheduling evaluations for children who demonstrate red flags or suspected of ASD.

Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) and Registered Behavioral Technicians (RBT) strive to improve quality of life, functional skills, and prosocial behaviors. The Autism Clinic team works closely to develop a customized treatment plan for each child based on their unique needs and strengths. 

What is ABA therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a scientific, evidence-­based discipline that strives to understand and improve socially significant behaviors. ABA Therapy is the application of the science of learning and behavior to improve skills, treat problem behavior, and help children with autism basic and complex skills. It works by reinforcing appropriate behaviors while increasing or eliminating interfering behaviors. Opportunities for success are built into the program and adjustments are made as children progress, helping them to navigate the world around them better.

Why Choose Early Intervention?

Research shows that early diagnosis of and interventions for ASD are more likely to have major long-term positive effects on symptoms and skills. Early interventions helps children get the best possible start, but also the ability to reach their full potential. The sooner a child gets help, the greater the chance for learning and progress. 

“ABA is widely recognized as the single most effective treatment for ASD, and the only treatment shown to lead substantial, lasting, improvements in the lives of children with Autism.” Autism Support Network 2015.

To learn more about our Autism Clinic, please call 575-964-1424.