Group Counciling

Family Peer Support Services FPSS helps families gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to effectively manage their own needs and move to more family independence. FPSW’s serve as role models demonstrating effective relationships, interactions, and behaviors, sharing their experience, as appropriate, to establish a bond based on similar experience. The FPSWs are primary caregivers who have “lived-experience” of being who experiences emotional, behavioral, mental health and or substance use challenges. This includes children and youth with neurobiological differences as well as those diagnosed with a serious emotional disorder or a substance use disorder. FPSWs have experience navigating child-serving systems and have received specialized training to empower other families who are raising children or youth with similar experiences. FPSWs use a strengths-based and culturally sensitive approach that recognizes the in- dividual child, youth and family identify, cultural history, life experiences, beliefs, and preferences.