Community Based Prevention Services have multiple services designed to provide individual, one-on-one support to improve parent-child interaction, healthy child development, and parent/caregivers’ knowledge to meet their children’s safety needs. They are also designed to increase the community’s general knowledge about child abuse and neglect and awareness of child abuse prevention services. The programs range from Family Support Services (FSS) a short-term program that works with families in their homes to help them meet the basic needs of their children and prevent child maltreatment. FSS can be referred from anyone in the community or can be self-referred. Intensive Family Support Services (IFSS) are provided to families who are in crisis, and intensive support is needed in order to prevent child abuse or neglect and maintain the children safely with their family of origin. IFSS has to be referred from CYFD.

Reunification Services ensure the safe return of children to their family from foster care or other out of home placement. Family Reunification Services (FRS) assists the families in reuniting with the children returning from Foster Care or out of home placement to their parents or other kin who may be filing for guardianship. Time Limited Reunification (TLR) are intensive home-based programs that support parents in reunifying with their children in CYFD Protective Services custody. Some of these services are not only for CYFD involved families but also for people who may be interested on learning more about child abuse and neglect and getting support for their family. All services are aimed at preventing child abuse and neglect.