Humphrey House provides maternity group shelter services, transitional living services, and group home and shelter care services. The purposes of these services is to meet the developmental, therapeutic, and child care needs of youth who have been determined to have emotional, behavioral, or family needs such that he/she cannot live in the home or in a foster home. Humphrey House provides Licensed Mental Health Professionals to serve all youth that are placed in one of our programs. Humphrey House provides psychiatric services, counseling services, teaches life skills, and encourages education and/or vocational achievement. Medical and dental services are provided through community facilities. The Humphrey House is committed to using the Sanctuary Model of Trauma Informed Care as a guide for creating a safe and non-violent environment where healing can occur. According to trauma informed care, it is the responsibility of caretakers to change their perspective on traumatized children and adults and to view them as hurt, rather than ill. Instead of asking, “What is wrong with” we ask, “what happened to you?” This fundamental change in perspective is the foundation of trauma informed care.

Emergency Shelter Services

The Shelter Care program at Humphrey House provides up to ninety (90) days of care to males and females 12 -18 years of age. Customers who are eligible for these services may be:
• From dysfunctional families.
• Alleged victims of abuse or neglect.
• Homeless or runaways.
• Displaying delinquent behavior

Referrals to Shelter Beds are accepted from Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD), Protection Social Services Division, from the Juvenile Probation and Parole Office (JPPO) and from parents Humphrey House has several functions.

Humphrey House