The Guidance Center of Lea County provides comprehensive, leading and sustainable essential mental health services in southeastern New Mexico. The 920 W. Broadway location is a Community Mental Health Center which serves both children and adults. The Humphrey House opened at 3821 W. College Lane in 1986. Many services to residential children are provided at the Humphrey House.

Humphrey House provides a safe and nurturing environment that offers unconditional positive regard to clients and employees. In 2015 an Autism Clinic was additionally opened at this site. Applied Behavior Analysis services are utilized to provide early interventions for children that are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The Guidance Center of Lea County

opened a second site at 2130 W. Bender in 2020. Community based services for youth and families are provided out of this location. As the only certified trauma informed care center in the State of New Mexico, the Guidance Center of Lea County is committed to the Sanctuary Model of Trauma Informed Care for its staff and clients. We believe increasing awareness and emphasizing safety are crucial in creating an environment conducive of processing change, feelings, past trauma, grief and loss for both our employees and clients.

GCLC Building